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By pre-qualifying for an auto loan , you no essay writer longer need to worry about being denied the car you want. You’ll know what you can afford before you walk through the door.

101 Auto doesn’t just want to help you get the car you need, we want to help you reestablish your credit. We have tools and partnerships with credit professionals that will help you continue to fix your credit.

Working with our loan professionals is a stress-free experience. In addition to have you qualify for a loan, we are the underwriter as well. This means you work with us, and only us, from beginning to the end. No calls from third-parties constantly calling to sell you a loan.

When options are limited by your current credit score, there are a lot of lenders and dealerships looking to take advantage of your situation. We genuinely want to help you in every way we can with our vast pool of resources. When you become a 101 Auto Funding member, we not only help you qualify for the best loan possible, but we can set you up with the dealership that is right for you.

Why get pre-qualified?

You found the perfect car you want only to have the dealership tell you their lenders won’t underwrite the loan. Working with 101 Auto Funding allows you to know exactly how much you can spend and walk into one of our recommended dealerships with a virtual check.

Don’t worry about being sold a car you can’t afford. Dealerships usually want to sell you more than you need or truly can afford. With your pre-qualified loan in hand from 101 Auto Funding, you’ll know exactly what you can afford and mandate the terms of your car buying experience.

We have an extended network of trusted dealerships familiar with 101 Auto Funding’s process. They can put you behind the wheel of the car that fits your needs and budget. If you have a emotional support dog dealership you’ve worked with before, there is no problem. Using our process, you’ll be able to walk into your favorite car dealership and drive home in your new car.

Don’t know what to buy? Our trusted network of dealerships will help you find the perfect car here in Southern California.

For work, school, or family, we all need a car in Southern California. We are here to ensure you purchase a reliable car that will get your kids to school and you to work.

Know before you go

Let’s face it. Nobody likes shopping for a car. You are at the mercy of a salesperson who is a trained negotiator. And you usually end up spending more than you want or can afford. With a pre-approval, 101 Auto Funding will put you in control. The dealer knows you are pre-approved and you know how much you can spend. No more getting pressured into buying a car you don’t want, or can’t afford. With 101 Auto Funding you are in the driver’s seat!

Get Connected

Joining the 101 Auto Funding family isn’t like most business transactions. At the dealership you deal with a salesperson working for a commission who do their best to sell you the most expensive car they can regardless of what you can afford. And the moment they make the sale they’re done with you. With us it’s a whole different story. We share the same goals as you; we don’t push sales, we help you find the right financing option that won’t put you deeper into debt. We connect you with a large network of dealerships we trust. We help you with a smart loan that will get you the car you need, and help restore your credit along the way.

Customer service

We hate speaking to machines as much as you do. When you call our customer service line, you’ll talk to a real live person who cares about helping you. We listen because we really care and want to help.

Repair your credit

Having a low credit score is inconvenient and expensive. Inconvenient because when you need to buy something, you won’t be approved. And when you finally get approved, it costs more than it should.
Thankfully 101 Auto Funding will help you rebuild your credit score so you can run your credit check with no shame. Our customer service team cares, and we’ll work with you to repair your credit, one step at a time. You’ll enjoy the feeling of success as you watch your credit score rise. Make sure to take advantage of our credit-repair help articles and resources so you can be fully prepared to make smart, responsible credit building choices.