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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my payment?
Here are your different payment options: 1. Pay over the phone with a credit card or your bank account (ACH) 2. Pay online on the customer portal 3. Pay with Moneygram 4. Mail in a check or money order 5. Setup recurring payments by filing out the recurring payment form 6. Pay using “Pay Near Me” this exciting option will let you make cash payments at any 711 or Ace Cash Express, call today to find out more.
What is my current balance?
You can see view your balance at any time on the customer portal, or call us and a customer service rep will be more than happy to help you. If you are calling about paying off your auto loan ask for the 10 day payoff as you balance can change daily.
Can I change my payment due date and how?
Of course! The due date change form has to filled out and submitted at least 15 day prior to the next billing cycle. Your account has to be current as well. Also note that you may only change your due date once. The due date change request form can be downloaded for the “forms & docs” section of the website. Or call to today and request the form be sent to you.
How does paying late affect my credit?
After 10 days you will have a late fee, but it only shows as a past due payment on your credit after 30 days. Learn more about your credit here.
You sent me a ten day payoff. How much will my payoff be after 10 days?
Since your balance changes daily, you will need to request another 10 day payoff.